A Beginning: The Relaunch

A year ago, I started this blog.  I haven’t been faithful.  Somewhere between night and day, I lost my tongue, lost my deepest words.  I became mute.  I neglected poetry for the sake of loosing it, possibly, forever.  It was a tumultuous time in my head, thoughts swelling into unfiled chaos with no means of expression.  A year later, I find the poems have not lost me.  It refuses to abandon me.  And I return, a prodigal child to this medium merely to share and let go of what dwells in my head.

Poem, my only friend, these

days, God’s sweeping hand,

through my fingers grasp

this pen, touches this paper

as though my face to fill contours

with platinum lines and golden

eyes.  A veil transparent before

my heart resounding peace like

tides upon the sand; where the

foam acquiesce and bitterness

washes away (what once was

my caveman intellect displaced

by sun)—  Prometheus, say

I, I am unbound


–mr gahon 5/25/12


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