There are moments when we fluctuate.  Our minds in uncertainty.  Sometimes it feels like an illness and we simply need to be with it.  Fighting it would be futile.  But just going with it, taking the path of less resistance doesn’t mean we have given up, but merely that we are working with it, to heal with certainty and arrive with the best answer for ourselves.

Suddenly, you left me with

no choice but to love– I

return to you, seeking you

beyond your sadness, your

pretenses and lack of depth.

It would be easy since

everything is shallow.  The

moon melts over you and

you seem forever night

without stars or lampposts

with which to see myself in

the dark.  Boulders and trees

interrupt from ever feeling

my way into you.  Finding you,

I could never– never

again to you.


–mr gahon 6/13/12


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