Remembering J.M.

To whom I never met and yet will always be remembered.  J.M., you will always be remembered.

Brother, I came to you for a

smile, perhaps to drink this beer,

this glass of wine.  I never had a

brother, you would be the first, if

not the second or my last.  You see,

the memory reverberates like the

low humming sound of a plucked

guitar, moving from one

note to the other — you are that sound

in my head, the melody, the beat-

all stirring inside me.  As I let

go of all that is remiss — the lesson

is what matters now(have I thought

you well to tie your shoes?) do you

remember well enough the lines on

our palms, my brother, how identical

the blood runs under;have I thanked

you more than I could imagine? gracing

me with love — uncomparable,


-mr gahon 6/27/12


One thought on “Remembering J.M.

  1. Sister, that was BEAUTIFUL!!! I’m sitting here in tears as I get my children ready to go visit their uncle this morning. Thank you for loving and remembering him in the beautiful way that you have memorialized J. I think I need to start blogging again…you’ve inspired me! iLY!

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