It just so happens that this word lingers in my head around this time of the year.  I never really questioned the word and yet I’m brought to a memory of a discussion I had a while ago and how this word can mean differently to many people.  Financial independence, personal independence or independence in thought.  Spiritual independence, perhaps.  All are excellent, but the one that I’ve come to admire the most is my young niece’s coming to her own independence.  Witnessing her walk for the first time reminds me that it isn’t too late to free ourselves from the weight that pin us down sometime.  It’s never too late.  We just need to keep rising even if we find ourselves pained amidst it all.  Soon, we discover that after years of crawling, we can walk again.

Soon you will walk

a mile or two

I can’t keep up

your once short legs

now stride longer

than my arms

You’ll walk faster

Taller(make sure

you’re taller) than

all obstacles and


my life you are

tears from your eyes

when hunger overwhelms,

I cannot help but carry

you and we dance until

hunger and fatigue

there is no more

-mr gahon 4/2/11


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