What Little Things…

The smallest things sometimes, when we find ourselves powerless or helpless against it, can stop us from doing what we are intended to do in this world.  It is even worse when we are not aware that we are allowing it to happen in ourselves.  There are a million thoughts that cross our minds within a given day that, if we don’t know how to quiet our minds or embrace that silence, this chaos will usher us into oblivion.  This is the day that I try, commit myself to move my mind away from the direction of chaos and learn to embrace the silence, listen hard for that stillness.

With what I struggle is

the excellence I pursue

beyond the measure of Sun —

power to the third degree (if

only I can make the soul

combust, this spirit I can

project into the Louvre and

the Himalayas back) I

return to you

with hands folded

my heart to surrender

Everything I was

yesterday — for you

I am new

-mr gahon 7/5/12


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