Lately, I’ve been thinking about change.  A change for the better.  Wanting to change others and ,yet, how trully futile this is.  For change begins within, our mindset, our perspective.  A shift in the paradigm, how we look at the whole picture, how we look at the whole person and expect for them not to change, but rather, if we are the bigger, stronger person, that we change ourselves.  To learn to extend a wider understanding for one another may tame the discord and promote living harmoniously with one another.  Who knows?  But isn’t it MJ who said that change begins with the one staring at the mirror.  Okay, here goes….

To refrain from changing

you — I change myself

instead and transform you

in my head; to refrain

from guessing — to surmise

is my own demise.  I

cannot escape the

preconceived notions but

I can pray,

kneel inside my head

and elevate

-mr gahon 7/14/12


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