Titles were never my thing.  Not in person, not in blogs and especially not in poems.  If it weren’t for these blogs, all my poems would just be… untitled.  I don’t think of titles.  I just write.  It’s the connection that I try to catch and too many times it doesn’t leave room for titles.

Learning to be yourself, to act right from within, sometimes becomes a challenge when everyone carries an internal barometer against which we are measured.  Should it matter?  I don’t know, but sometimes we stray from our own truths and, worse even, we allow other people’s truths to supercede our own.  It’s one thing to be humble, but it is an absolute crime to downplay what we know in our hearts to be true or what our gut feeling says is true.

I don’t have a clear answer.  All I can really say is just be.  Just be.  It’s easier said than done, but I know the practice can have phenomenal results.

harness goodwill

my every intention

Live in harmony

my every effort

I dedicate for you;

to decipher good

from bad, I am

at risk of taking a

stand each day,


to be a soldier


never looking back

-mr gahon 7/16/12


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