There are baggages we carry, issues unresolved.  They stop us, lock us in and weigh us down in the long run.  We all go through it.  I think the key is to figure out the combination, or how to unlock ourselves out of those repetitive thoughts, actions; untrap us from our own vicious cycles.  This clarity comes after writing the following…


Be it you or me

I can never say the

right words–

express them

Fed-ex them;

always a wall where

I want to speak.

(Fear holds me by the throat,

chokes me, squeezing

each molecule of breath

as though I am what’s

left of a flattened tube

of toothpaste)  I free

myself from your eyes,

locked upon mine, pulling

these words from a safe

inside.  I am tight-lipped

(pry as you will) the 

combination was

lost long ago


-mr gahon 8/13/12


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