Mind in Meditation

Be still and know that I am….  Feel free to fill in the blank.  The answers we search for are often within.  All it takes is just a little bit of stillness, quiet our minds and believe.


mind in meditation, blue skies, mile high

what mystery there is beneath this earth,

(immured once from the silence, locked

in sound).  You raise me above chaos and

pull me under the vast oceans where ideas

conjure from the voiceless within.  My

spirit wakes beside you restless, famished

as though never have I eaten this kind

of bread before– this piece so full of truth

with each morsel swallowed, devoured,

dispel the burden of night; stars emanate

brightly without conclusions or periods

to convey how trully powerful the sun is

behind your gaze, inside your eyes


-mr gahon 9/26/12


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