It came to me in the car this morning, stuck between one freeway crunch and then another, when I realized that perhaps our weakness is the very thing that we not only need to overcome, but be great at.  The past kept returning somehow; memories that I no longer want to re-live, but one trigger of a word instantly brought me back to those actions I thought I had let go, pardoned those moments only to realize that there were still residual pieces of anger wedged here and there that unknowingly interfered with my spiritual growth.  Today, I arrived at this– I don’t want to be enslaved anymore.  To share our light is one of the more incredible thing we can do for this world; to withhold because only pushes us further into that debt of darkness.  Just when we thought we are progressing well enough… we can do better!


i yearn for these words

waterfall, breaches and swords

falling downhill, roadside

along the fjords;

i never knew

how much glue

it would take to renew

this vision,

revive this passion

removed from disillusion

How much more can my mind take

if for a moment I should break

away from repeating this same mistake–


shoelaces unfastened,

if my heart should fail in haste like

bread unleavened…

i, in disarray

the further i stray,

shall find my way.

(I’ll be okay)


-mr gahon 10/31/12


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