For Jesus

I performed this poem in front of a crowd not expecting anyone would be moved by it.  I got props and support from friends, but one person named Jesus was moved by it.  He told me the next day that the poem touched him.  He didn’t have the words to describe what he felt, but it gave him goosebumps.  This poem was a challenge to write, but to perform it in front of a crowd who knew little if any about spoken word was even tougher.  To move one out a hundred… well, that’s plenty enough for me.


Your cowardice hangs around

you like a filthy necklace…

So you may never know

How I stand in confusion

And deep disillusion

On some occasion

I think about you;

the sight of you,

what you said about the sun and the moon

on a cloudy afternoon.

Sundays are a blur,

but what you do is what you do

and I ain’t tryin to argue–

resurrect a past

riddled with your transgressions

in the event of our convergeance…

I am in deep thought, fraught

by the consequences

that got me staging up fences,

dodging typhoons,

wading in four feet of water

knowing well enough

I can’t swim, can’t float.

And in this drowning death

and nearly hapless resurrect,

blessed me

I am reborn for you….

Please believe that

you are the manifestation,

His image and likeness.  One.

You unravel me.  See me undone.

And how can you dispute?

When I’ve already seen the

genuine reflection of a god in you…

-mr gahon 11/09


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