Delight of Christmas

Here’s my annual poem read at my spiritual center for our Christmas celebration. The idea of what Christmas is about, aside from all the shopping, baking and lights spectacular, was something that I was fixated on. Anyhow, here’s to wishing everyone a warm and safe holiday season.

the delight of Christmas

the sound of brightness

the same as my spirit

unbound by fear,

released from mediocrity–

I come full circle

to be renewed once more,

offer my mind up

to Your unrelenting guidance.

Love of my life, Lord,

Father most High–

to you I surrender

my life once lived.


In your birth, I am reborn.

Jesus, Christ, Lord,

whose level I strive to reach.

For who am I if

it were not for you–

in every act of courage,

each detail of kindness

spent upon this world.

Where passion lies,

there I find myself

forging patience, compassion

godliness, purity in every way

I may.

For who am I without You,

For who are we if not for You.


Our present unraveled

each Christmas day.

We are manifestations–

sons, daughters,

mothers, fathers,

creators, lovers, friends– all.

God’s image and likeness;

within resides the possibilities.

A mirror for oneness

Your actions have been,

realizing all this, I know

Our greatest gift is– Jesus,

it is You.

–mr gahon 12/23/12


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