Make ourselves like children. Words that resonate within me right now. The idea of embodying innocence. Especially in this new year. To remember what it was like to not worry, to remove excess thoughts that keep us from moving towards our possibilities. What would it be like to exercise that frame of mind, innocence. How much more energy can we generate and radiate to this world if we did incorporate it into our mindset and our lives. Might be worth a try. Worth the renewal. Happy New Year everyone!!!

it starts with one

before I can speak again

remind this world

more its worthy innocence–

afternoon rain

deflected by pink and yellow

umbrellas matched by galoshes

stomping inside shallow puddles

upon undulated sidewalks–

how we forgot

children once were we

carefree, resilient

rain or shine

though fear, at times, seizes us

we are love– free

by design

-mr gahon 12/31/12


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