Lately I’ve been ruminating on words, the power of words, the amazing (and sometimes destructive) effect on us. Words are a blessing, I think. Words can empower, encourage, instill confidence, love and positivity if we are brave enough to allow it to work in this matter. But what of disbelief, the disintegrated word? The one that prances around, announcing itself, spouting itself unknowingly all along it has been discredited. What of those words? I suppose that’s when the practice of self-control comes in. But I couldn’t help write about it… it’s been most cathartic at this point.

deliver me from this envy;
cast all doubts–I
undeserved of this(they
were your sins, not
mine you lied about) And
yet I broil under
this heat, pretenses
just like the Jones’
you rushed to keep.
we strived for probity
amidst all their indictments
no creo, no creo
I don’t believe.
Disintegrated, from
whole to none
you have become
and you expect me to
listen to each
articulated word
as though it was gold?
They oxidized long ago.
They oxidized a long time ago.

–mr gahon 2/17/13


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