State of Mind

What I have learned… in order to propagate positive continuity or energy for that matter, our state of mind must also dwell in that same state of positivity. But to be conscious of this is sometimes trying. Life happens and it reminds us that there are certain actions/reactions that we have not quite mastered. It’s a good thing if we are analyzing. However, if we aren’t analyzing or conscious of it for that matter, it is possible that we repeat these actions over and over, entering into this eternal loop without even knowing we are inside it. But I suppose that is where kindness or the benign act enters, the repetition that forces us reconcile with what it is we need to learn.

I have not reached this place (though I try like Macy Gray). It’s still a challenge trying to deflect bad energy, self-induced negativity. Mercurial thoughts that are too quick for me to catch and alter… for these I accept and learn to let go.

The practice of poems as prayers I learned from Kerouac. Simple supplications that I believe more complex than how they appear on paper. It gave me the idea to do the same. Why not? And I return to this one prayer/poem for all the things that come back to me at this point in time, the need to master and let go.

Silent as this prayer is,
I let you go.
My mind entwined in chaos,
I let you go.
Love, who never was,
I let you go.
For strength and peace of mind,
I let you go.

-mr gahon 9/3/09


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