A Thought Possibility

The idea of controlling my thoughts, it’s been on my mind lately. We have the capacity, the predilection sometimes to fill our minds with negativity. Why do we do it? How can we do that to ourselves? Is it easier to accept the negative rather than the good or positive? Still we forget and we choose to invest our time thinking negatively. The energy we deplete ourselves of, good energy that can be focused towards productivity–gone! because we have squandered it away on an awful thought. A thought that could have been easily countered with love. Perhaps that is the key. Love–to saturate our minds with love. For thoughts are capricious at best, coming out of nowhere when least expected. We are what we think and they manifest themselves through words and creep into our actions. If this is the case, should we not then pay closer attention to our thoughts? Just a thought, I guess you could say.

No longer on my mind!
No longer on my mind!
Praise the Highest, my
most Beloved– He who
rules my mind, manages
each kingdom where I am
Queen and He my King.
My mind, my thoughts,
my action be openly
manifests in the name
of my Lord, my Love,
my Prince who revives
in me a great desire for
joy, peace, love everlasting…
in a single focused thought,
mere seconds where I am
connected… I shine again!

-mr gahon 1/29/13


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