Open Mind

I think this is the place where we are meant to be all along. That space of silence where most if not everything that we have held on to is at a distance from us. We are learning to let go and amidst all the hard work we are blessed with a clarity. That we have somehow shed a bit of that burden inside, the lightness manifests in our stride. And everything somehow seems to come into focus and we can see what it is that is in front of our eyes all along. I’m not there yet, but piece by piece I would like to walk towards that path.

it came to fruition
what everyone knew
all along…
not worth the hand’s lock
not worth my time
not worth the turn around,
but worth this moment’s rhyme.
we have given what the
universe meant us to give–
ruminate over, exhausted
the possibility
you and me
our indifference
leads us to agree

-mr gahon 2/19/13


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