I don’t think that we transitioned into this earth without anything. We were all, each one of us, gifted with a bottomless reserve of love. Love of others as we do ourselves. Love through kindness, acknowledgement. This is our gold, our oil deposits, our timber of wealth if we ever learned to mine for it, nurture it and let go. It is amazing how tightfisted we have become, choking and then locking love away out of greed and selfishness. But unlike some of the naturally occuring resources on this earth, added with the state of our environment and the abuse Mother Earth has taken, love replenishes. When we give more of it, a thousand more seems to come back at us. Loving with principle… love, sometimes, the only currency I can give.

the promises of this heart,
even if swallowed whole–
it leaves me empty;
that my true hunger swells
for that everlasting joy–
peace, serenity
at the very core of me.
life of my Spiritual
in kindness I sought you,
plead with you disrobe
me this selfishness harboring
(which negates light
from ever truly shining!)
allow me to give entirely
and not in pieces
like others do. let me
give entirely to you,
pardon you, forgive–
love you all the days
for it is currency
in need of depleting,
my savings to you
all I give

-mr gahon 3/14/13


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