There’s a weed in my head. It began as a mere irritation. I scratched it simply and nurtured it with each relief. Then, it attracted this buzzing bee that I could not get rid of. Day and night it bothered me until I put a stop to it and the next day I woke with just a drop of honey in my thoughts. That was a sweet morning and I am grateful.

It could have been a dream, but it wasn’t. A day to day occurrence that happens in my head. When the curtain opens, I become vulnerable to the irritations which balls up into negativity in mere seconds if I don’t consciously curtail it and analyze the trigger. That’s when I take a step back and let go. Embrace the moment, embrace the thought, but also allow it to evaporate from my head…I let it go. I don’t feel bad for every single thought for I know now that they arrive as lessons to fortify me, moreover, to remind me that we are all children of God, each one capable of extending love.

these floors I see
scratches on the surface
emulate the bent up,
crumpled up, smashed,
abandoned broken part
of me; limbless, fruitless,
deseeded – jealous, enraged–
the selfish side of me
not wanting to give, love,
how strange the desire,
yet futile as though
passion is wasted on me.
No reason to cover up.
what it simply is,
though kindness is relief,
step by step I work
towards immunity.

-mr gahon 3/14/13


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