Thrown Off

There are days when we are thrown off. How much we try to return it to its proper balance, it doesn’t seem to play out that way. Sleep is an advised cure, but I suggest something even better… meditation. Huh?!? The discipline centers me, restores my energy. I never used to meditate and it is still a challenge to quiet the mind, but it is nonetheless an effective tool. It is a medium for connection to ourselves and, some say, to a Higher Being. But whether one believes this or not, it has become, nonetheless, my silent prayer, where I place my desire for proper balance to return.

goodness abound
reminisce on these
letters found
in hieroglyphs.
such is the language
of my spirit
I wish for you to decode,
translate and read
with care, contemplation;
not to substitute
sincere gratitude for august
inquisition. many have
died at the helms
of rumors… need
not one more pass
for I shall forgive
to survive the pain
and the doubting

-mr gahon 4/8/13


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