I was reading passages from Paolo Coelho’s Short Stories and the lesson about judging resonated somehow. The story related an old man who refrained from formulating an opinion of others even when they were cheating him. He prayed for them instead. And when it came time for him to be judged, he admitted to his sins, apologized and asked for forgiveness. From God’s point of view, how could He then judge a person who has refrained from judging others. It stumped me. This story is definitely a refresher course. The one thing that God asks of us and still…. But there is an answer, we can pray for others.

I too have played it,
gotten away with it,
like a child using
innocence when I am no
longer–still, I play
the card. Each time
you get me, mistreat me,
each time the rumors
spread, I can’t help
from formulating
when I should refrain,
stare into the mirror,
mind me for a change.
Pray for you and
change me instead.

-mr gahon 4/29/13


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