I don’t really know how to write about this one… never had to write about it until now. How does it feel to be judged based on one’s skin color? I saw a woman in hysterics over loosing her purse yesterday, blaming others for stealing it when she had left it in the restroom. It was so over the top, but the idea of blaming others and causing a scene was upsetting given those around her had surrendered their own day with their mothers in lieu of working one of the busiest days of the month, serving her needs to make her feel special. What made her jump to the conclusion that those who fetched her water, cleaned after her table, directed her to the restroom, those who served her eggs and bacon at the same time were the ones that would covet her purse? What made it so easy for her to jump to that conclusion? It’s a question that many might have an answer for, but which I was advised to remove from my mind, let go and give light to instead.

light you a wand
so bright
the spectrum of
colors become
that you begin
to see me
for who I am
and not the
flesh you
conjured in
your head

-mr gahon 3/13/13


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