If hope were mine to give, here, then, I remind. There is hope inside all of us. It is connected with Faith. The fact that we rise from our mistakes, our own failings and move on, this is faith and hope at work. The hope for a better day; perhaps, a better relationship. It is my hope that we all connect with the One, Most High, but it is also my hope that we awaken and begin that journey towards Him. My hope in this poem is my hope for you.

where love takes me– open
these curtains finally and
show me to the door;
let the sun in along with
its constituents,
the rally for uplift
is so much more important
than the words that harangue–
you who seek to push this
gravity further down
beneath this sole to
strike me imbalance and
spiritual poverty? (so
you think)
the light within props
me like a tower
across the seas
signaling His coming;
Hope arrived inside me,
in you is possibility

-mr gahon 6/5/13


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