To do things differently, to make that change can sometimes be intimidating, scary even. To break away from the patterns, the daily routines we are so used to carry out, we must at least try beyond the fear if it means becoming the better person that we need to be today and for the rest of our lives. To reimagine ourselves as the individual of our fullest potential, we must take that first step, that leap of faith and trust ourselves.

I close my eyes
paradise enlivens
neon lights
and palm trees wave
their branches beckoning
the livelihood inside this
high-noon traffic

I wish to part it like the Red Sea,
play the waves, a symphonic
direction with the flick of my hands
gracefully joining highways and lanes
together into a mesmerizing sound
of unity(spare the horns and any
onlooker’s profanity)
none of it matters
for this is my love,
my soul’s poetry
(you can’t tell me otherwise–
can’t tell me different)

mr gahon 6/20/13


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