How else do others do it? Carry on with the day fearless and unstoppable. Days remain seamless, inexhaustible and untired. There are days I feel this way and there are days that I wish to feel this way. I think the answer lies in faith. I hear George Michael singing it in the background. I hear Kanye West singing it on the radio. I hear it in the trees, on my drive to work. Everywhere is a reminder of faith. It is up to us to turn on that internal radio and start listening. There’s always today as I find in this poem. Each day, each poem is a quest to satisfy that hunger, myself to strengthen faith.

voices make light
early morn at the
sound of eyes barely waking
fast like feathers
towards destiny, and
yet heavily veiled behind
curtains of this
physical I cannot breach–
somewhere beyond you try to reach
but lack I the discipline
for uncertain times
bring me closer to Him,
my Beloved (who sometimes
fail I to trust, in so doing
restore me to restrengthening
faith in this lifetime
only to discover)
what love is lies in
forgiving this void,
sins that will remain
in oblivion

-mr gahon 7/4/13


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