Starved One

What hunger lies inside one is universal, inclusive of all. We may not starve physically, but many people still hunger. Hungry for love, self-worth, wealth, understanding. The need to forget and move on, we rarely show it, but it is nutrition we sometimes lack. We are stuck in our past, indebted to what had been. Either something pulls us or we allow ourselves to be pulled. We have to try our hardest to discern, learn the difference between the two; for in doing so is to tell the difference between going hungry and reaching full.

emaciated spirit
hollowed cheeks,
bulging eyes
like pits from
I cannot have,
I cannot see past
the sound of hunger
whose screaming tears
remind me how much
I need to walk past
the barriers of limit–
whose ideas weigh
as though anchors
that deter me from
seeing what good
is left for me
to scatter along the
road, upon this earth
and hereafter;
what good is left
I feel inside if
only your prayers
would project (instead
your thoughts try to
reject) me– please
don’t infect this
light upon me

-mr gahon 7/22/13


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