Actions speak louder than words… there will always be someone watching what we do and observing how we act either to scrutinize or emulate. Because of this, we have the choice to act positively and with good intentions if we ever want to become the change that we seek in this world.

(there’s no light)
shipwrecked in these waters
I long to walk like a god
and trudge along these waves
though FisherMan have it easier
having purified and cleansed
himself at sea. He is one
after all despite unbelieving–
even when Faith is there
among the nets that gathers
him along with the fish;
whose flesh splayed from
its skin and left to dry
under the sun
He is preserving as his
sins are himself absolved
from his sufferings and
kindness both elevating him,
reaching as though he were
already god somewhere in there
undeneath his tattered
white shirt

-mr gahon 7/29/13


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