I Rise

Many events in our lives can literally stall us, pull us back. Caught off guard, the residual memories can impede us from moving forward. If we don’t have it on check, realize that it was a part of us and that it is okay to move on from it, we can become paralyzed. In doing so, we risk loosing being alive in the present.

I say that it’s okay to be disillusioned by things we once held firm belief to and it’s okay to feel disappointed about the things we fiercely defended once, but what isn’t okay is to feel weighted, stay in the past and never move forward. What we leave behind are the tools that we need to move forward. We aren’t meant to live in the past nor in what others may say or think about us. What we are meant is to move forward and acknowledge this world with who we are and what God has intended for us to do and be for this world. For our truth is in the rise.

I rise on the verge of
sunset when all dew is
at the forefront of this
cleansing, this purity
which night has built
deep in the essences of
my heart where I fiercely
release whatever ties–
words may have me
chained in the preface
of what has been relayed.
I rise from
the inconstant diligence,
in the words I listen for
but barely hear, rarely
applied and so I go
willingly and seek
truth meant for me

-mr gahon 8/5/13


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