What should come first? What should be the priority. Alive popped out of nowhere when I really meant that there should be some sort if integrity in what we believe or preach. That what should come first are not the words that circulate out of doubt or insecurity, but that which we hold and relate with Faith. For me, God is important and He, above anything, supersedes speculation, rumors and doubt.

Alive and hungry–
nourishment in these everyday
torment, I learn not to worry:
too grown to be a worrier
when there are bigger battles to
fight in the widening field.
I am a warrior; my thoughts- my armor,
my shield from depressants,
whose images seek to repress,
to control what i have yielded;
the Lord hath made me
and so shall I honor me,
the soul-dier, spirit-minded,
lover inside of me.
the Light inside of me:
so shall I deny all of
night and its darkness
to shine at twilight,
receive what is meant for me.
You and me
on a mission to carry on
what is meant in miracles to be seen.
the flicker of a smile, perhaps,
the emergence of a child’s laughter
hearty enough to spring us forward
into meditation and juxtaposition
to the Most High– I bow

-mr gahon 8/13/13


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