What is below are the ignorant. Ignoramus in Latin. What is behind are plenty who haven’t caught up. What lies underneath are the unawakened and what is beneath are the unenlightened. In whose court am I to judge? My body calls out none. None shall I judge. Even if my flesh shakes with a rigor from disrespect and offense, none shall I judge for we are the same. Because of our past and are other past, past lives, I must extend deepest understanding for those unaware of what is right from wrong. For we all hurt sometime, and in that moment, do we then dare step below, beneath or underneath like the rest? For me, I should not like to fall behind like the rest. There are days that will try us, but at this point, I desire to rise above and keep walking, moving forward.

No words can kill me
not ever, not now
even though the boomerang
of your intentions have spun
around me, I am unshaken,
undeterred for I am bathed,
soaked, marinated
in understanding that
I, at once, become impenetrable
from your constant ignorance
whose inconsiderate drool
collect in a puddle mirroring
your existence that I pray for you
instead–I pray you be aware

-mr gahon


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