Insecurities… we all have them. Once we discover and examine what they are, the better off we will be or at least better off at handling them. In the past, I’ve been around some really insecure people. A different kind of energy that makes you want to turn your head and walk the other way (and only if you could). People so arrogant that they don’t even know they are insecure. Threatened by people who radiate natural goodness, they will find opportunities to smear their spirit in order to cradle their own ego. After doing so, they then surround themselves with muted individuals, the ones who play by the rules, the ones they know would never outshine them or let them feel threatened. What a way to live life, knocking down people here and there to stabilize, understandably, a feeling of security. We aren’t perfect, I understand that. We come with insecurities. I guess the point is to deal with those insecurities in such a way that they don’t end up hurting other people or belittling their spirit. We have to honor each other’s spirits… Namaste people and fellow bloggers.

to muster great courage
floating in the wind,
I seize every molecule,
each fuzzy circle
drifting across these lenses
so vastly wide am I open
these days– a third eye
is a luxurious blessing.
I envelop the world
through singularity
my Oneness with
myself and Him–
my Savior all, the
god inside of me…
the cause root of
all courage who am
I without God

-mr gahon 8/31/13


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