Sleep. It is easy to sleep– to sleep through life, sleep through the pain. We are all at risk if we don’t wake in pursuit of the truth, who we are and why it is we feel the way we do. In my search for truth, I find myself always fumbling, discovering how much more I do not know despite having already known. How much more we do not know is a humbling statement. Knowing this about myself certainly keeps me humble.

What to let go and give before this world. There are things that latch on to us, things that we have to fight against for the sake of being free from the negativity that sometimes pulses us down towards a spiral blur. The thought of anger, jealousy or deep melancholy– all fiendish accomplices, but in the end, in our day to day, we shall strive to rise above it all, awaken finally from the deep spell of sleep and begin unmasking the light.

sleep– much is there to muster
inside cerebral realms where I
seek to reach God, uncover
the master plan. Somehow, I
cannot remove myself from
the thought of grudge– this
blister swelling always from
the everpresent narcissist,
thriving, living in each thought–
to detoxify spiritually
is the agony in these words
that I seek to spell
with sentences that will
spur the cleanse
instill godliness
long worked for
from these deeds I try
to convert what sadness
I may have before into
light, of purest joy

-mr gahon 8/27/13


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