I am growing. I begin to understand. It’s years in the making, but to finally realize that you have to stay in the game in order to make the improvements you need to make whether they are projects we throw ourselves into or changes we need to make in our own lives… it is quite enlightening. I am growing. I am excited. I know that if each one of us stays focus on the game, truly we can achieve anything we put our minds into. I used to think the latter were all just random sayings, clichés thrown here and there for encouragement. But one line still remains with me… just do it! I used to listen to a million of excuses in my head, but if I can tune this out with this one line… just do it!.. I’ll be fine. We shall all be fine. For there are more things that need to be completed in this lifetime. Each day is a page in our book, a chance given by God for us to take and use in a productive way or waste away. Nevertheless, He gives us that chance. It’s up to us to choose… but we all have to take that chance and just do it!

for there is a light
growing inside
too many chances
seized and given away
at the same time
I’ve failed to read
the signs
the sevens and the threes
and the clouds that align
several times
above my head
the waters distract
I let sand in my eye
enough to defy
what will hinder me
what can hinder me
I wash away
sit before the great ocean and pray
for love to take me
far, far away

-mr gahon 9/4/13


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