All of these are metaphors, they are inspired by Him in hope to inspire change. The universe opens its heart when we open ours. People recognize this. It happens without us being aware of it, but they come closer and closer to help us realize the one true goal for a clean soul. I keep hearing this… the soul is clean, the soul is clean. To help contribute in the cleanliness of one’s soul. That this is all that really matters. For someone to see beyond the flesh, beyond who we are and what we really look like behind the rib cage in order to unveil our true selves… how much more brighter this world would be. These poems are metaphors, but I hope they inspire some small change towards a clean soul.

to form you as one
so far
the discretion of these flowers
merely sickens
my senses
each time I breathe in
absence and
ghosts that aren’t you;
though with each séance
I raise you as Lazarus
over and over
again and again
to belong to you once
break with death
to be reborn
inside Your brightest light

-mr gahon 9/27/13


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