So rare do we come across someone so beautiful… that our heart breaks a little. Such beauty that penetrates past that flesh, past what others define as beauty. To be graced with such beauty is an honor, a blessing. To say goodbye, wish them well, cry is all we could allow our hearts to do until time heals the pain, sews that gash back up. But knowing we have been touched by the presence of someone as beautiful is to know that God has kissed and embraced us in that brief moment of witnessing magnificence and grandeur.

So rare
is your light
Lucy of my day
and night
how you have plucked me
and called me
nieta, as your own
even if I am not
even if I am someone
outside of you…
my Abuelita of my day
and night
you served me oranges
in a cup
kissed my cold cheeks
to keep me warm
during heated clashes
and heartless battles;
you were the one
who made my living
you are the face
of everyone’s Abuela,
but you are my Abuelita,
my Nanay, my grandmother all!
Lucy of my day,
my night…
(gracias por todo)
thank you for sharing
your Light

-mr gahon 10/15/13


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