I went to a meeting today, not out of desire but necessity because no one wanted to go. They voted on who best understood English and I won by a landslide. Go figure.

Kitchen and Suits. It doesn’t really mix well, but there we were. I didn’t need to know English to understand that in that place where the meeting was held, there was more than four walls up in that room. There must have been twenty, fifty different facades people tried to maintain in the longest half hour of my life. I could only surmise fear, diffidence, selfishness rolled up into this ball of energy that made everything stale and added to the cold of the room even if it is a beautiful sunny day outside. It was bizarre. I never felt hostage to this kind of energy before.

I believe it lies in the lack of acknowledgement. Life doesn’t have to go on dodging each other’s eyes when we walk the hallways at work. Something as simple as a smile can easily break down walls, if not slightly topple barriers. But we are often concentrated on fear and fear does nothing but imprison. Liberate with a smile, I suppose, is a start. Gotta start somewhere.

sleep ends it well
I haven’t yet
above the columns
beyond the stars
neglect once more
my existence
the criminal offense
his and her
forever the image
facing them in the mirror
laughable, uncanny
whoever refuses
may as well
live inside the
unless shattered
then light to light
will dissolve
all what seem
to matter

-mr gahon 10/3/13


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