Sometimes, all we can do is try to understand. Perhaps, we don’t immediately affect the people we would like to, but we can try… we can try and understand. There’s this capacity within us, this vast intellect and potential that sometimes goes unused and why then not fill it with understanding? There are days when I think this is enough and sometimes I don’t think it is enough, but it’s the best that I can do at any given time… before I become overwhelmed with all these ideas that doesn’t do me or humanity good. To project a pure, honest, untainted thought takes great discipline for it is within a thought that I believe the possibility of goodness begins. Depending on the processes of our minds, at least for me, it commences with this… understand. I will try and understand you.

today, it was enough
to see you smile,
catch a glimpse of sun
in your eyes–
it is enough to sustain,
enough to power paper cranes
and send them all off to heaven
with all my wishes, one
blessing and another–
for you; my prayers alone
to be answered by God–
for you; what belongs
to you rightfully, the
single idea–love,
to surface foremost
(in your mind).
I think how
you deserve more
because you could love more,
cry more, feel more
in your solitude where
I could only wish to
jump in, join you (somehow)
but here I am
at a distance and
I want to say
I understand…
I understand you

-mr gahon 10/25/13


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