Lately there are these dreams that border reality. Dreams that provoke annoyance and anger which made them seem more like nightmares than dreams. But I call them dreams because they awakened me to issues inside myself that I haven’t completely gotten over. Things that I had become mad about, but never completely dealt with so they sort of just sunk into my memory bank. But now they surface, rise to the top like fat upon a boiling pot of stock. And just like all these floating substances, they need to be skimmed out.

Sometimes, even the small unassuming issues are the ones that unknowingly trip us up and potentially prevent us from moving forward. And just like the bigger issues, they need to be dealt with. In my quest to try to live a more authentic life, I call these past occurrences dreams rather than nightmares because they taught me the lesson that I have to completely let go, to shed the part of my flesh that I have outgrown and is no longer a part of me.

in a dream
I dreamed of You
white clouds
amid a blue sky
and there provoked
a stench
filth, mud and feces
all rolled into
a circumference
I cannot solve
(nor from my mind
dissolve into a
solution I never
wanted to discover)
but I must
face the images before me
for these imperfections
are not Yours
but my own.
I am responsible.
I clarify my own
Time to stand
before this world
and live brilliantly
on my own.
Without the help
from parenthesis or
no dire recognition
but simply live
in accord to His plans–
obey Oh my Soul, All
on my own.

-mr gahon 11/5/13


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