Now that the year is coming to an end… now that this is the last month of the year… now is the time to strike while the iron is hot… now is never too late.

“It’s too late”…. I used to think it’s too late. And now that I am reaching a certain age, I could certainly say this one more time… it is too late. The thing is now that I am approaching this certain age, I can’t help but think that it is just a beginning. Wherever I am (and wherever you may be) is the most important time frame that we could ever live in: now. Now is the time to make a difference whether we distance ourselves from the past, from the selfishness, from the caverns or crevices we like to hide our light in, there is always now to choose whether to stop all that nonsense and shine. Change. Now is a time for change, time to practice new habits. What a wonderful concept we have been bequeath with…now. Practice now!

now it’s time
in these tiger’s eyes
truth of mine
to say goodbye
now the hour has arrived
carpooled, sped
and on time;
now that the mind
has arrived
less the traffic
and the drive
to adhere to the present
unchain myself
from the past
to live now,
live as though
now is no longer
and therefore
live, live and only live
swallow each drop of wine
for tomorrow
may only bring
but juice in a cup,
and what then?

-mr gahon 11/26/13


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