We are all beautiful human beings. We are, after all, made in the image and likeness of God. Beauty. We are manifestations of His thoughts on beauty,but rarely do we own up to it. Certainly, not a word that I associate with myself or even occurs in my everyday language.

The idea of beauty evolves constantly and what I may have seen beautiful months ago may not be today. That beauty is really past the material and the surface… I must be growing slightly inside myself as I begin to search for this in my immediate perimeter. Beauty is past the judgement and the conclusions we arrive at about one another each day. We are more than what are uniforms say about us. We are, beyond that, beautiful human beings.

Beauty hath it
in sound, along the edge
of crimson and light,
inside your soul
where it blinds me–the
sight of your innate
kindness, compassion like
truth assertively wrapped
’round your neck
even when furtive thoughts
disturb so easily
and I cannot sleep so well
these past nights
I am restless, creep
into the evening,
starved, in want of beauty.
I listen for you in the stillness,
the cold that resurrects all
my weakness, vulnerability
exposed(naked as truth)
I try not to fall; I bow, kneel
before Your grandest light
and obey this reason
follow into my mission
whatever I may attempt
to seek ultimate
Beauty hath its reason

-mr gahon 12/9/13


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