Never let fear seize the person you are, what you need to be. Even if everything comes around a second time, never let fear rise from your flesh and allow for a take over. For it is but a moment in passing, a part of our flesh, a part of our mortality, a part of our balance. Fear. Don’t let it, for a second, lead you into a maze of darkness and lock you up from prayers and deep meditation. Now is the time for faith. Fight it with faith.

And faith can only lead to the strength that is inside you. The true gift we are bequeathed with not only on nights when we fear, but everyday, every night. This is the gift alongside love and light and peace that is very much a part of who we are. They are all already inside each us. It comes down to turning on the switch and letting ourselves beam with serenity and courage.

Happy Holidays to all who visit this blog. Thank you to each one of you who take the time to read, to visit, glance the poems on this site. I am grateful…

the intelligence is the resurgence
everyday I succumb to this, unafraid,
unrated… I am the wonder kid
still holding on my own,
climbing to the top of the mountain
reaching for the skies–
I am unstoppable
even when I fear
I learn to adhere
to my Savior, my King
when I remember
and continue on to this cold December night
the light that shone once bright
outside my grandmother’s window
I remember briefly how I am commanded
from sleep to rise,
remember whose child I am–
and I am the wonder kid
one with that Light

-mr gahon 12/23/13


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