Letting go to be free. Distancing yourself from the past to open yourself to the possibility of now. The thought always happens at year-end… we wait for this day; at midnight, we tell ourselves we could change. The ability to change, however, exists in each minute, each second we take pleasure in breathing life. So for the new second ahead each of us… just breathe.

in each breath
there is a living
what heaven we cannot
perceive through mere senses
already lives, already breathes,
in essence
inside of me–
the powerful tree
takes root inside of me,
sheds these leaves of my past
to open me, guide me towards
the ageless Being of Light,
connect me to the possibility–
believe, for once, in this
endless reach, My Capacity
the expanse of my lungs,
my heart beats
ready to share with the world
what love
I am filled

-mr gahon 12/30/13


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