Live… that we are alive. Days like these, when everything seems to be spiraling down, the traffic endless and all you really want to do is go home and crawl into bed and forget everything that just happened, the one constant is that we live. Looking at it in a different perspective is that we survived what we lived through. And isn’t that something afterall… it is an accomplishment on its own.

I hear people cry after a day’s work… something just didn’t go right. And I understand these days myself. I guess I’ve become so tired of overwhelming myself that I just want to live for now… for today. What is it that I can do better now, better today? As much as I can prepare for tomorrow, I really want to enjoy today. And what would today look like that would make today, this moment in time count? It’s written in the poem. Perhaps, for others, it is written in their spirit, in their joy.

in time, my love will grow–
peel open before this wilderness
and succumb to the glory
of the hour… the now,
this present tense full of
doubt; the anxiety…
and I know that I am
on the right path because
I am nervous as hell
from shedding it all,
distancing myself from
the comfort I knew so well
deep inside
the cup of your hands.
I love… fingers unfolding
as though it were to let me
in from the rain, shelter me
from the elements (once whose
jealousies knifed me once
over and over) only to raise me
from breathless surrender
and bid me–
you bid me live

-mr gahon 1/13/14


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