To surrender. What does it mean to surrender? Is it to wave the white flag and completely give in? Does it happen with our dignity in tact or are we often smeared so close to the ground that it is at this point that we surrender? The idea of surrendering to God… it was a question raised earlier this evening, the conversation alluding to the inability to surrender because being spiritual wasn’t enough. One had to take on a title. This was the prerequisite for being saved. I’m not much for titles for they rarely describe the true essence of the person who owns up to it. I like actions; for they often speak louder than titles do with their wordy descriptions.

surrender myself in these
silences, the quiet of Your
mind which I adore, solitary
notes that make up the melody
to each prayer; with all
my ambitions endeavor reach
and catch hold of a thread,
some small filament that will
attach, save me from the
ignorance borne from right
and wrong because I’ve cast
aside earthly titles in lieu
of His actions mimicked, or
so I try to follow in these
heavenly footsteps only to fall
short of the sanctity–
heir to spiritual sanity and
godly finesse… my life,
I surrender

-mr gahon 2/3/14


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