There’s a thought that crosses my mind… when you start to love, there is a fear that is also born. Perhaps this is the balance. One will fuel the other, try to undo one another, topple each other over. It’s a battle that our hearts, our spirits will have to endure until the end, when only one remains standing. I hope in a case like this, love triumphs because there is so much to lose if love doesn’t. Our spirit is at stake… that vital light inside each one of us; how then can we even begin to smile?

So then, fervently, you scribble all the words that will compose a prayer. The urgency flowing from one synapse to the other, running, hopping, transferring because fear makes you do that when love is at stake. Especially when one is thinking that nothing ever happens in their lives, and you ponder your own passion, that which causes all sparks inside of you. Because words happen to me and I don’t know how else to make them understand that this is what counters my fears, ignites my love for this world.

Siphon you from this darkness
Erase your past and make new
this path– your destiny.
The hierarchy in which He
desires us to reach.
Make blessed the bread.
Make blessed the wine.
Make blessed the moon
that shines above our heads.
Gentleness in your hands
is a territory unexplored–
your god is a wonder
by Him I choose to surrender
you. Take care of you,
as best He could.

-mr gahon revision 2/10/14


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