Perhaps it is too early, perhaps it is too late… but the courage to act, to want, to like, to love is as close and near as our cellphone’s reach. And yet, far too much, we allow external influences to get in the way… the ambiguity, the insecurity, the testimony of others that is neither truthful or genuine.

And then once in a while, we witness someone shaking with nervousness, their voice fluctuating from low to high pitches and vice versa, all their vulnerabilities, their frailties laid out for everyone to see in a struggle to relay their truth before this world. An authenticity is unmasked and, for that mere second, we see not only the color, but how beautiful and empowering being courageous can be.

that courage intertwined in light
the fluidity of my strength that
cannot be deterred lies in Him
who gathers me in His hands when
fear spooks me and the ghost inside,
marred by inherent darkness and
culpable dreams… to learn more
of kindness, compassion, thoughtful
kisses given without much inquiry–
what power harnessed through this
contemplation, I share with you
in light of tomorrow, what courage
there is lies at the heart of you

-mr gahon 2/18/14


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