Too many times, we have forgotten how to respect one another. Treat others as we would like to be treated. Some people are still clueless as to the meaning of the latter that they still go on insulting, destroying one another. What is at stake is the spirit within and if we don’t recognize this, there will be a major crisis of the soul. Respect. It isn’t a new concept. It is how we ought to treat one another.

have you lost the face
of your god within that you
desecrate this life to live?
the nocturnal ghost is
alive so long as love believed
and faith resurrected in you (on
the third day after the second
coming) you shall rise, ready
to commit, surrender the past
and pave way for clarity, cleanliness–
return the dust upon the
shelves and sacrifice
like hell to forget
temptation and discontent,
one hopeless spirit’s impotence
lies the possibility–
shed this burdensome flesh
and make light
as healthy as geysers,
as strong as Sequoia trees

-mr gahon 2/24/14


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