What’s Inside

All our lives it seems as though we have been in search of a truth… who we are, what we are capable of. Sometimes, the answers aren’t at all what we expect. We would like to think we are brave but sometimes we fall short and become afraid. We pretend to know everything when we really don’t. We are no more clever at speech than the next person. We all wish we had vocal chords like Idina Menzel and Chaka Khan combined, but we don’t.

I’m not the greatest poet. Sometimes, I can barely bring myself to write. This is the truth that I struggle with, battle in my mind, but the sooner I accept whatever it is that I am not… then the sooner I can do something about it. And yet somehow these what “nots” seem to complete who I am, make up a piece of the puzzle that completes me. For even as I claim that I am nothing of what I would like to be, there lies the potential, a way of finding what is really deep inside of me, to extract it with all my strength in order to become the person that God intended me to be.

the melancholy death–
ears pardoned from the cries
descend into silence instead,
this quiet cavern void
of light; I shiver as I would
in the forest tracking
down what’s left of my senses,
for the more I steer from my
path, the more this pain and
cowardice pull me away from
the essence of life, which,
if I may hold and squeeze it
by my bare hands, then may I
honestly and with deep sincerity
embrace all my fears
if it means to elevate and
seize that stronger part
inside of me

-mr gahon 3/2/14


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