Anger for Love

The uncontrollable anger most times bring about the inconsolable individual… stranger… loved one. Whoever it may be, most times there is that feeling of regret, wishing we had held back what we said, minded our own tongue in a way. It is all part of our growth when we recognize this about ourselves. When we do, there is a chance to alter our patterns and, perhaps, even apologize for our inexcusable behaviors. Counter anger with our love.

I held you ’til morn
in rage
stormy clouds hovered over
the darkened main
highway where cars line up
endless along each lane
without a breath…
I catch my breath
each time, in between
lane changes and speed through
ever faster before red break
lights flash before me
and I stop,
rethink the way around
my madness, this latent
and morbid fury
that regresses, suddenly
as I exhale, as I
try to extinguish
this fiery indignation
burning inside me

-mr gahon 3/9/14


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