We all have a destiny to fulfill; a purpose in life. The minute we declare such things, life seems to be an easier ride. Suddenly we can give more, care more, be more to people– to each other. I realize that sometimes it isn’t really clear as to what our purpose is. We are contained with so much talent that half the time we are confused, conflicted about how to position ourselves in this world. Nevertheless, I do believe that internal chaos is part of our journey. We must at least try to discover what it is we are meant to do for one another as we share this earth, breathe its fabulous air. And the thing is, if we listen hard enough to the silences, God yields us those moments. All we have to do is try to connect.

upon my skeleton, upon my
heart, a map of the sky–
a ceiling into your mind
whose chapel-like silence
urge me on my knees… I bow
my head in reverence for
the world– for God and I
are one in this moment,
as my thoughts elevate;
He and I intertwined long
even in the afterthought,
the simple nods and persistent
disengagements I battle with
in pursuit to bridge the distance,
shorten this discourse of
mine unknown. I shall bow
again and again before this
moment whose reason lead me
to fairness and justice,
towards truth that releases
me from the prison of my skin,
back to that skeleton where
scratched under the sinews
lies my destiny to fulfill

-mr gahon 3/11/14


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